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Why do we need a Change The World Foundation™ ?

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 Would you give $10 dollars to Save The Life of a Child?

-      A $10 water filter can save a life – we provide clean water wells and give personal water filters to children in need. Many of these children who will probably die without our help. 

-      We help the poorest of the poor.

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A Message From the President of The United States of America -

“To the people of poor nations, we pledge to work alongside you …and let clean waters flow”

Presidential Inaugural Address - January 20, 2009 by

Barack Obama - President of The United States of America


A Message From Our Board Chairman

       “I am willing to put my own life on the line in order to ensure the success of this movement

        to Change The World.” December 25, 2008 

G. Quincy Murrell, Chairman/Chief Executive Officer, CTW Foundation

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Video Spotlight
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- Need ideas of How You Can Help – here are just a few ?

Help us to organize Change The World CONCERTS Help US Locate possible Sponsors/Donors | Help to obtain Media Exposure Radio +  TV + Print + Internet | Social Network Building – all outlets | Produce a CTW Short Film | Produce CTW Commercials | Donate Items for our Charity Auctions | Help us to organize Change The World Charity Golf Tournaments | Obtain Celebrity Spokespersons | Marketing Experts and Helpers | Fundraising Experts and Helpers | Apply to be a CTW Foundation Advisor | Apply to be a CTW Foundation Board Member | Sign Up to become a Student Advisor | Produce informative viral social network messages  |  Make CTW YouTube Videos | Blog Coordinator   +   Bloggers   |   MySpace   &   FaceBook   Helpers    | bsp; |    and   Everything  Else !!         

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 “As I have loved you, so you also should love one another.” (John 13:34)


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 Help organize Change The World CONCERTS / Golf Tournaments / Charity Auctions

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Public Relations / Marketing Professionals / Fundraising Professionals Needed Contact Us

 We intend that this will be the largest marketing promotion effort in the history of man - we intend to spread kindness throughout the world


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Sponsorship Bragging Rights Available: 

Sign Up to become a Title Sponsor for this Foundation OR Have a Well Named In Memory Of a Loved One OR Your company could Sponsor-A-Well and earn a nice Thank You Plaque

If you or your organization is in a position to fund a well or to provide funding to supplement our advertising and fundraising cost and/or you would like to be considered as a named sponsor of this worthy cause, you are welcome to contact us using the following link: Contact Us



Schools / Churches / Civic Organizations / Large & Small Companies / Others

Let us help you to Start a fun and easy Fundraising Or Kindness Awareness Drive at your school, church, etc.

Just $250 - $5,500+ will help to build a Water Well that will save anywhere from one hundred to one thousand children.  Imagine, the proud photo and Thank You Plaque that you will have to show off back at the office, also knowing that you have saved so many children.

(Click here to Start a Fundraiser or Start a Kindness Awareness Drive – we provide materials)


Who we are ?

Change The World Foundation.com is changing everything.

The Change The World Foundation is an international network of people representing all walks of life, who together, intend to ignite a spark in the hearts of men and women everywhere and to inspire a better world.  We help the poorest of the poor …  Learn more >>


Change The World Foundation™


Love & Hope & Peace


What is this about?  &  OUR STATEMENT OF PURPOSE

A)            We intend that this will be the LARGEST movement for caring and kindness in the history of the world. We call on each person in his/her heart to make a renewed commitment to first and foremost, be caring and kind to everyone else. We sponsor Change The World Day + World Kindness Week + Kindness in Schools Week Learn more >>

B)           Just Be Nice”.  - The time has come for something completely different. Imagine with us, a planet where everyone is nice to everyone else.  This does not require money, only a sincere heart  Learn more >>

C)           Clean Water Now”.  - Our primary goal which is concrete and achievable is to make access to clean water possible for all people of the world by the year 2020 Dirty water is the #1 killer of women and children wordwide, more than TWENTY FIVE THOUSAND DIE each day.  We sponsor the World Clean Water Project and Website Learn more >>     

D)           Kind and Caring Governments - We call on the USA President, members of Congress and G20 leaders from around the world to fully fund clean water programs and relief efforts globally.

E)            We intend that this will be the Generation to bring the precious gift of clean water to the world and make life better for over 1 billion people.  This, above all else, can be the lasting legacy of this generation.


Wow!  Are you ready to feel Happy, Excited, Positive,

Inspired and Ready to "Change The World"-

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Mission Statement / Our Purpose | World Clean Water Project | What Can You Do To HELP ? | Youth Movement | World Kindness Week | Educator’s / Activist TOOL BOX | Be Happy Now = You Must See This ! | Free Wealth Training | Join 1000 People Who Really Care | Apply To Join Our Advisory Board | Chairman’s Statement & Vision | Help Spread The Word –  eMail This Website To a Friend  | Classroom TOOL BOX | Coats for Kids kindness Project | Shoes for the poor | Stay Informed – Enter your eMail address | TAKE ACTION NOW | Press & Media Request | Caring Hall of Fame  Shop Online   |   Donate  Items  for  Our  Charity  Auctions   |   CTW Board of Directors  | CTW Board of Advisors |  Volunteer | Donate by Mail | Donate Online | Contact Us |



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A Global Movement To Encourage All Peoples of The World To Just “BE NICE” To Everyone


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