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URGENT – You can save the life of a child today!  

If your child was close to death, you would want somebody to help –

>   A $10 Donation can save the life of 1 child. 

>   At only $10 per precious life, How many children do you want to save 
      today ?

FACT: Every 15 seconds a child somewhere in the world dies from diseases related to dirty water, that’s 4 dead children every minute of every day.  In a world full of loving adults, we can do better.  We must do better.

Little Ricky

5 Star Rated Global Charity

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·  Provide 100 Water filters


Save 100 human lives  $1000
·  Provide 25 Water filters


Save 25 human lives  $250
·  Provide 10 Water filters


Save 10  human lives  $100
·  Provide 5 Water filters


Save 5  human lives  $50
·  Provide 2 Water filters


Save 2  human lives  $20
·  Provide 1 Water filter


Save 1  human live  $10

NOTE:  All donation amounts help - Thank you

This is “LifeStraw”
A life saving portable water filter

TIME MAGAZINE “Best New Invention”

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Make the check payable to the:

Change The World Foundation

Please send your check or well concealed cash gift to:

Change The World Foundation
1512 The Oaks Blvd
Kissimmee, Florida 34746

If your gift is in Honor Of a particular person or company, please include a short note and we will be glad to acknowledge that name in our Annual Report. (i.e. In Memory Of A Loving Mother, Susan Smith, NY, New York)

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“We take very seriously our promise to honor your donation.  We focus our help on the poorest of the poor.

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