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Donate Spa/Golf Passes Restaurant Gift Certificates Car (running or not) Donate Art Donate Sports Event Tickets

A few ideas of items that you could donate:

We are glad to accept donated items which can be auctioned at one of our charity OR online auctions

         Donate Restaurant Gift Certificates which could be auctioned

         Donate Unused Time Share or Vacation Certificate which could be auctioned

         Donate Sports Event Tickets

      Donate Theatre Tickets

         Donate Raffle prizes

         Donate a used car Or boat which could be auctioned (running or not running)

         Donate Art to be auctioned at our charity auctions

         Donate Event Tickets

         Donate Spa / Golf Passes / Time Share Vacation week to be auctioned

         Donate other goods or services which could be auctioned

         Donate TIME as a work at home Office Assistant for our organization

      Become a Fundraising Or Event Coordinator

         Provide Fundraising Ideas

         Provide food and beverages for charity events

         Provide Thank You gifts that we can give to our Volunteers Or Helpers Or Donors

         Provide travel or accommodations for our staff

         Provide Web Design Services / Web Maintenance Support

         Provide Social Viral Marketing

         Help us to obtain Celebrity Endorsements

         Help us to obtain Publicity & Media appearances

         Any other ideas or suggestions that you might have ?

 We would be happy to make arrangements to secure the donated item Thank You!

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In kind services -
Please eMail Us and we will be happy to discuss your ideas. 

         Help us to obtain Publicity / Media appearances

         Provide Graphic Design

         Become a Work at home Office Assistant (any amount of time helps!)

      Provide Web Design / Web Maintenance Support

         Provide Printing ( Business Cards / Post Cards / Brochures )

         We are happy to consider other ideas or suggestions that you might have ?

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DONATE Money -
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Thank You


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“We take very seriously our promise to honor your donation.  We focus our help on the poorest of the poor.

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