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“The Dreamers are the saviours of the world … the world is beautiful because they have lived”
   by  James Allen

We want your event to really Stand Out !


We promise to deliver a presentation that is: informative, interesting and filled with facts.


Your guest will be both inspired and empowered with concrete tools that they can put into use right away to help make this a better world.  Mr. Murrell delivers a straight-from-the-heart, high-energy and passionate message which motivates and engages audiences to step into their own greatness.


Please include in your email the details of your event: date & time, location, occasion, expected audience size and speaker budget.  We are flexible to accommodate a wide range of venues.  Everywhere, from board rooms, to large outdoor festivals, to churches and schools, and most everywhere in between, we will do our best to make it happen!


Our CEO, Mr. Murrell, is personally attending to as many speaking engagements as his schedule will allow; as well, we have a number of amazing and talented speakers standing at the ready to accommodate most all request for a speaker.  


Drop us an email today, and we’ll get right back to you either via phone or via email for a FREE consultation to determine our mutual fit for your event.


* Rates are donation based, and anything above actual travel expenses is applied to support the work of the foundation. 

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