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Are you ready to feel Happy, Excited, Positive,

Inspired and Ready to "Change The World"-

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Today is a really Great & Amazing Day to be alive!  Consider this; today could be the start of your Greatest day ever!”

     If you feel as thou you could potentially benefit from a quick HAPPINESS Tune-Up, then by all means, take a moment to view the videos shown below. It is almost certain that you will be INSPIRED !

This valuable information is made available here at no cost to you = FREE !

Simply click Play on any of the videos below and prepare to Smile, to Laugh, and to be Inspired.

These Amazing videos are provided courtesy of your friends at the Change The World Foundation, enjoy!


“As Seen on Oprah”

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Over 40 Million Views

“You have Greatness Within You!”

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“Step-by-Step To Happiness!”

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“Close Your Eyes and Relax”

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Bonus = “FEEL GOOD” Video

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He who cherishes a beautiful vision, a lofty ideal in his heart, will one day realize it.  - James Allen

The greatest achievement was at first and for a time only a dream. - murrell

Ask the brick?  Even a common ordinary brick, wants to be more than it is.  Louis Khan

Look, see - what the dream has become - murrell


 Words Of Encouragement

do Dream - You have a vision, an idea, and a plan to make the world better. 

do Plan - Write it down, type it up. Email it. Put it on a napkin, on scrap paper. Just get it out! Stuck? It’s easy - always,  always keep a pen
               and writing pad close by. Occasionally, pick up that pen and paper. Surely, over time, you’ll have a page filled with ideas which
               are nearest to your heart.

take Action Get off of the sidelines and get involved! – It’s easier than you think – Make a plan and stick to it with all of your heart.

Viewer comments from the Happiness videos above:

hockeykid31 (2 minutes ago)

   These are my favorite videos.  A few of them I watch almost every single day             

wolverine (3 minutes ago)

   This is Life Changing – this video changed my life...

   Amazing & Beautiful gesture!!!!  BIG HUGS back at all of you!!!!!!

angelsdo54 (1 hour ago)

      A big hug to everyone!  This is what our world needs right now.

 mateon28 (3 hours ago)

     OK, when i see this i admit I get a little teary eyed too, its a wonderful message, just goes to show you -There are still some decent people out there.

 wbccat (8 hours ago)

If we can reach more people with this, the world will become a better place where we can all help each other and stop the fighting and live in peace as we       were intended

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